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October 20, 2009

there is a Flaming Tree on the same side of the street as The Place I Work (the Place). today i turned my head to watch the Tree glow as the sunset shone through it. i like fall because of what it does to the trees and the chill. it rained all this weekend, but i rode anyway and enjoyed being damp and brisk.

The Boy I Like (the Boy) left the Place 15 minutes after me, but caught the same bus. i pretended not to notice as he came up from behind, but i did. he wears a pea coat; it looks almost too good, too j. crew perfect against his tall blondness, like he should be a whaler or something.

i came close to tears alot today. i am sad and lonely. i miss My Bird and i am so tired of looking for Real Meaningful Work. i mean, the Place is fine and not too demanding and they pay me. i won’t starve if i stay at the Place, it’s safe. but here – here home, here D.C., HERE – i will die if i stay.